Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jewelry For The Thumb

"It's ok". "No, it's no good." "Hey, can I have a ride?" With one gesture of the thumb, you can relay all of this without having to say a word. That is how important this finger is. Oh, and don't forget that eating, typing and any number of daily activities would be impossible or extremely difficult without the help of this digit. It works so hard, why not dress it up with a thumb ring?

Not a new concept
The first men's thumb rings were actually worn by ancient archers. Made of leather, they protected the fingers during battle. Centuries ago, they were also worn as a sort of license for physicians. Shakespeare even made mention of this accessory of the thumb in Romeo and Juliet.

They have been worn for practical purposes, but also for the simple joy of accessorizing this digit. There's not always a reason for wearing this accessory, though it can certainly hold some significance for the wearer. Usually though, it is merely a fashion statement instead of some huge proclamation of beliefs or character.
Popular Styles

One trend that is very popular is to wear several thin bands stacked atop each other. A bold statement is made and the width can be controlled and changed depending on mood. Gold and diamond rings are also trendy. For an inexpensive option, look for sterling silver with crystals instead.
Wavy bands add some movement to the accessory. It is also one that can be stacked to create a geometric design. In palmistry, it is believed that wearing a silver thumb ring helps clear the mind to go ahead and achieve goals that were previously avoided.
Who's wearing them?

The quick answer is everyone-men, women, moms, grandmas, celebrities, teenagers and anyone else who loves jewelry. Teenagers who are rebelling against conformity might choose to express themselves by wearing gothic rings that cover nearly the entire thumb.

Images of skulls and crosses are often found on this style. Women wear the wedding bands of loved ones who have passed on. For a very masculine look, men wear bold and wide sterling silver bands with tribal designs.
Cleaning and maintaining thumb rings

Because this digit is so busy holding on to things, any jewelry on it tends to get beat up. For plain bands, have a jeweler professionally buff out the scratches and reduce the appearance of any dents. Sterling silver pieces should be cleaned only in specially made silver cleaner. It comes in wipes, liquid and creams.
Gold can be cleaned in normal jewelry cleaner as can gemstones. For any settings that may be glued in, don't soak in warm water. This might loosen the adhesive so simply wipe onyx and other stones with a damp cloth. Don't place these in ultrasonic pieces!

Sterling silver thumb rings and other styles are a fun way accessorize. Fancier pieces with diamonds can be worn with anything, including evening wear. From simple to quirky, there are thumb rings to appeal to all ages and gender. Have fun with yours!


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