Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chirognomy Fortune Teller

hirognomy is a branch of palmistry where we individually can predict some basic things about ourselves and about our nature. Chirognomy deals with the shape, size and other things related to our hands and fingers.

Masculine and Feminine Hands:
It is very much possible to assess the proportion of male and female within a human being from their hands. When we are considering the whole hand, the fact that the hand looks delicate, does not necessarily mean that the person is feminine. The same with the males - a strong, sturdy hand does not indicate a masculine property.
Generally speaking, the round shaping on the hands and fingers suggests female attributes, whereas square shaping on the hand and fingers suggests masculine attributes.

Shape of Hands:
There are several basic types of hand shapes: the square, the conical, the knotty, the pointed and the spatulate.
The square hand enjoys order and regularity, while the conical or artistic hand has a strong tendency towards sensuality and aesthetics.
The knotty or philosophical hand belongs to the analyst and meditator whereas the pointed hand is the least practical, revealing a tendency towards the abstract and generally indicating that such people should never be in a position of authority.
Finally, the spatulate hand's main characteristics are action, movement and energy.

Color of the Palm:
a.Very pale skin on palm: selfish and could suffer from bad circulation.
b.Yellow skin on palm: morbid and could suffer from bilious attacks.
c.Pink and mottled skin on palm: cheerful disposition and well balanced.
d.Red skin on palm: quick-tempered.
e.Very red skin on palm: violent disposition, should watch out for Blood Pressure.
f.Silky skin on palm: tendency to gout and rheumatism.
g.Dry skin on palm: runs temperature easily, prone to fevers.
h.Damp skin on palm: ill-balanced moral nature, prone to liver and kidney disorders.

Hair on the Hand:
a.Hairy hands on women: mannish and cruel.
b.Hairy hands on a man: energetic and sexy.
c.Very hairy hands on a man: violent nature.
d.No hair on a man's hand: effeminate and passive.
e.Light-colored hair on hands: passionless.
f.Dark hair on hands: passionate disposition.
g.Reddish-colored hair on hands: excitable nature.

Hand according to sign:
Air Sign: Aquarius/ Gemini/ Libra - Round hands with conic type fingers.
Fire Sign: Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius - Long hands with short thick fingers.
Water Sign: Pisces/ Cancer/ Scorpio - Long hands with long thin fingers.
Earth Sign: Taurus/ Virgo/ Capricorn - Square hands with square fingers.

The left hand is used to determine events and character traits and is called The Hand of Destiny. It is hand of hereditary factors. The other hand shows how your life develops and what you make of your potential.


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