Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Palmistry for Successful Relationships

Successful romantic relationships are the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It is a better option to use palmistry for successful relationships than use fake theories which use a lot of your energy for nothing. The techniques of hand-reading are very simple and exciting since the feedback is instant. For instance the consistency of the thickness of the hand is effortless and pleasurable. The connection between the hand thickness and its consistency is very high. The resistance of the palm muscles is used to judge its consistency. Use your both hands to hold her hand tightly and press the muscle using the thumb on various palm regions. The hand consistency is broadly divided into being elastic, hard or soft.

The consistency is said to be hard if the palm muscles do not respond to the thumb finger pressure. This shows that it is composed of tough massive muscles. This is an indication that the emotional being present in that person is primitive, rigid and non compromising in any situation. Consistency is said to be elastic if the thumb pressure is counteracted with less resistance of the muscles. This is an indication of good emotions quality in that particular person. The consistency is soft when the palm muscles offer no resistance to the thumb pressure. The flabby flesh shows indolence and sensuousness at their extremes. Consistency of the palm thickness as a technique of palmistry for successful relationships works wonders in determining a dating couples destiny.

It is possible to use palmistry for successful relationships if you are keen on reading the thumb finger. It gives considerably enough information about the quality of love a partner is likely to offer. A strong thumb speaks for equally strong sentimental attributes. The thumb will expose the knowledge about one's focus in love matters. It easy to tell whether the person is monogamous or polygamous by nature. A strong thumb indicates a lot of focus and such a person concentrates his/her love on one partner. Such a man will love a woman not for mere sex but because of many good diverse factors. All the forces are oriented towards his object of love. Such a person makes a good relationship. For a weak thumb, the opposite is true.

The better the shape of the thumb, the more decency and polish is employed when it comes to making love. If the thumb is hard or course the sex will be rough and in its uncultured and most primitive form. If the thumb is not rigid or if it is flexible, this interprets to love instability. The love is not so constant. In other words the person's sentiments keep shifting. They generously give out love for little returns. As long as they love they are known to be splendid lovers. The problem is they find it hard to focus on one subject for a long period of time. Stiff thumb is more promising in constant love and stability. While using palmistry for successful relationships, remember stability varies in degree and you should not dismiss the idea of marrying the person with a supple thumb. If you are the type of people who are uncomfortable with too much attention and dating jealousy people, he is the one for you.


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